Hey, let’s talk about HeyLets !

HeyLets is a new start-up social network app… and I love it.

The app allows its users to share and recommend their experiences based on their interests.

It works like ‘Pinterest for Experiences’ … with a hint of Trip Advisor.
With posts including a photo and a limited 200 character description, the app is about sharing what is recommended in your hometown, or various hotspots all over the world.

A typical post looks like this:

HeyLets Post Example

HeyLets Post

Yep, you guessed it – its basically a filtered feed! When you sign up you’re able to select your interests from five categories; hip, classic, elegant, stylish and edgy.  Interests range from fitness and pubs, to design and board games. You can also edit these interests later, meaning that your ‘Explore’ tab can always be tailored to your liking. This also means that what you post will only pop up in the feeds of those who have selected similar interests to you. The aim of the game is to give you a positive social network experience.

As you share your experiences you can climb up the HeyLets ranks and become an influencer within specific categories. There is an “Influencers” tab within the app which allows you to see what influencers around you are currently recommending.

Why I love HeyLets:

  • HeyLets focuses on sharing the good experiences rather than the bad
  • It has a great user interface which is very easy to use and to navigate
  • The recommendations are easy to read because of the short character limit
  • It has a strong visual element as each post is designed to have a photo attached

I would encourage everyone to download the HeyLets app and post an experience you recommend. Tell me what you think of it!

Are there any start-up social networking apps that you’re a member of? What’s different about them from others on the market? Do you think social media will continue moving toward being a positive space?


7 thoughts on “Hey, let’s talk about HeyLets !

  1. I think thats really smart that they’ve included an “influencer” function because often I’m stuck when it comes to places to eat / hang out at, and waste a lot of time making a decision (because I’m a really indecisive person). But more than likely, if I’m at a place in which the influencer enjoys, then I will like it too! I actually might give this app a go and let you know how it is!
    Do you know if this app is big atm, or is it still relatively small?


  2. I think so too 🙂 It’s still fairly small at the moment from what I can see, as far as I can tell its still only available on the App Store and not Google Play yet. I just stumbled across it by accident.


  3. I’ve never heard of HeyLets before, but it sounds like a good way to avoid topics that you aren’t interested in reading about. Another small social media app I use is Yik Yak – have you heard of it? It’s sort of like Twitter but with a twist. It’s all location based and anonymous posts! It’s a great app to procrastinate with haha.


  4. It’s great that something is being created with a focus on being positive. Too many times have I scrolled below a YouTube video to see WW3 erupting in the comments because “Batman is better than Superman OMG”. This could really be a refreshing change in direction for social media. I’m not sure others will follow as the idea is pretty unique.

    I would appreciate it if you checked out my latest post about Netflix and how the industry may lead itself to failure http://www.edjmedia.com.au/why-netflix-should-be-successful-but-wont/.


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