“and to shop at IKEA, till death do us part”

You might have had to blink twice, rub your eyes, pick your jaw up from the floor and shake your head… But it’s true; Ikea is entering the multi-billion dollar wedding industry. In a totally new way.

Ikea, the world’s largest furniture retailer (emphasis on furniture!!) is launching an online, virtual wedding service.

It works by placing a live webcam feed on top of a pre-existing background, sorry I mean “wedding venue”. Ikea’s wedding themes include classic, fairy tale, beach etc.. Then you are able to set a time and date and invite friends and family.  Once your guests join the “ceremony”, only their faces are shown, which essentially means that Gran can now attend the happiest day of your life in her pyjamas, and you’re none the wiser! When your wedding is “live”, the public are also able to view you say your ‘I do’s’.

What’s the kicker? I hear you ask…

Well! They’re a clever bunch. Each wedding venue is fitted with products that just happen to be available at Ikea… Taaaa-daaaa. Marketing at its finest! In a few clicks, guests and public viewers of the wedding are able to find out more information about the products and can even be redirected to the online store to buy them. Aha!

I wonder if Bride and Groom also have an Ikea Wedding Registry?

I love this idea for two reasons. As a marketer, I think it is very clever and very out of the box, without being an ‘in your face’ marketing ploy. I also love the idea that it does have the potential to take-off and be an ideal platform for people that are unable to hold a wedding in their ideal destination or with their friends and family physically present.

Maybe a bit of light-hearted fun. Maybe the way of the future. Either way, claps for Ikea for their innovation.

What do you think?


14 thoughts on ““and to shop at IKEA, till death do us part”

  1. Pretty wacky idea , it aligns well with their target market (weddings and furniture ) but I personally think this will be more of a miss- wedding days are meant to special, virtual weddings yes they are creative but I’m not so sure this will be something people warm too

    Interesting read Kylah 😊


    • I agree – while I think it might work or be of assistance in some instances, I really really hope that people still have real weddings for centuries to come. I do love it as a marketing concept though.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂


  2. Haha I love this! I’m not gonna lie – I do like myself a bit of Ikea but maybe not to this extreme. I wouldn’t mind an Ikea wedding registry though haha. Weddings are such a special day for people all over the world so this campaign would really capture a lot of people’s attention. Good job Ikea!


  3. So well written, read the whole way through, not bored once. Good on you!

    I don’t think this will take off… honestly like someone was payed a lot of money to think of something and they came up with this.

    Maybe I’m just being cynical though. I’d think people want their weddings to be special days, and I feel like this takes a lot of integrity out of it. But maybe that’s just me, and maybe cultural differences are something to consider. This may really take off in some countries.


    • Oh thank you so much !! 🙂

      Very true, I think it definitely takes part of the integrity out of it. However, I guess for those who tackle long distance relationships and have family on opposite sides of the world, it could really be a beneficial option!


  4. Wow how can a marketing strategy be so crazy yet clever at the same time? I honestly think this’ll do well for Ikea as it goes into the market where some can’t afford a wedding or can’t attend a wedding for health or financial reasons. Good work Ikea, and well done for finding out about this!

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