May’s Digital Marketing Facts

So I saw this article on AdNews… and I thought some of these facts needed some reflection and unpacking.

“10 Useful and Entertaining Digital Marketing Stats from the Last Week”
(except I’ve skipped a few… so there’s only 6)

Firstly, can I just point out how many of us have used digital marketing statistics in our blogs across the semester, and how quickly these are changing and evolving?! Digital marketing is such a fast-moving industry, it’s scary and exciting trying to keep up with it.

Okay so.

Stat #2: The guy who created a website called UberFacts (“The most unimportant things you’ll never need to know”) makes $500,000 a year by selling sponsorships through his Twitter account, which has a following of 10.8 million… um WOW. That is a lot of followers and a lot of cash money! It just goes to show that a lot of people can make a living (or more than a living in this case) off digitally marketing themselves, or their brand, to its full potential.

Stat #3: Kelloggs has been advertising on an app called Pandora (similar functionality to Spotify) and it has been successful!  They used data to carefully calculate the marketing success, by comparing Pandora’s Data with data from their retailers, finding an ad reach of 4 million homes. Those who were exposed to the ad also spent more money on product, increasing Kelloggs incremental sales by 7%! I find this very interesting as many of us questioned throughout the semester whether or not these types of applications could be successful marketing and advertising platforms.

Stat #4: Periscope (a live-streaming app) users have shared their live streams on Twitter 1.5million times… since the app became popular in March. Wow! Again another subject that was touched on and questioned throughout the semester, live-streaming and podcasting may just be on the rise! An article today has revealed that 380 years of content has been watched on Periscope since it launched in March!! Phenomenal.

Stat #5: Google is testing a new “Shop” button for pre-roll ads on YouTube. The button will be placed beside the “Skip” button. So far, it has seen great success. Sephora, a cosmetics retailer, has an 80% increase in brand consideration and a 54% lift in brand recall. An interesting idea, as it could lead to many clever strategies. For example, if beauty vlogger Lauren Curtis was reviewing a Sephora product, the retailer could associate or place their ad with Lauren’s content. This then has the potential to grab the attention of shoppers when they are researching products and create a direct path to purchasing.

Stat #7: Mondelez (think Kraft Foods and Cadbury) is planning to convert all their digital media into shoppable ads with “buy now” buttons. This includes video content, social media and display! The ads are going to be geo-targeted. So for example, an ad serviced in Caulfield may direct shoppers to their nearest Coles supermarket. Again, this strategy shows the importance of data in specialising marketing strategy! Without the option to geo-target an ad set, this strategy would be impossible to launch and maintain, let alone measure! I assume this will roll out in the US initially, but watch out for sneaky “Buy Now” Cadbury ads on Facebook. I wonder how many of us will be able to resist this one.

Stat #8: Tinder is at it again! Users are able to purchase Zedd’s new album on the dating service for $3.99. Thats four dollars cheaper than purchasing it on iTunes at $7.99. I do find it quite funny that Tinder is trying many ways to branch out. Maybe a bargain buy like this will be mildly successful. However, I don’t believe that is very relevant to the overall Tinder brand, and consumers can often see when a money-making scheme is at play. Maybe I’m just being sceptical though. The AdNews article does make light reference to the potential of mobile date-gifting… Surely not?!

There you go!

I’d love to know your thoughts on these facts! Particularly your thoughts on Tinder, carrying on from our previous conversation!


3 thoughts on “May’s Digital Marketing Facts

  1. I wonder how Tinder can offer an album more cheaply than iTunes? Maybe just a sales promo, maybe not… I agree, I don’t quite see it tying into their brand, but who knows, with some clever marketing they may be able to diversify… maybe leverage a ‘try it and see if you like it’ type tagline – could tie in quite well to what Tinder is all about!!


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