The Mobile Movement

Mobile marketing is increasingly becoming a fundamental element of digital marketing, and experts think that we are yet to hit the “mobile boom”…

Oh boy! You can only imagine right?!
Digital explosion!

Digital marketing on mobile is SO important for business, and here are the key reasons why:

  • In 2015, 40% of the worlds population are using the internet
    • That’s almost 3 billion people
    • … and its only increasing
  • 80% of internet users own a smartphone
    • 89% of time spent on mobile is on apps; including email, social media, news apps
    • 11% of time spent on mobile is web browsing
  • One third of all web pages are now served to mobiles
    • You want to make sure yours belongs to that third
  • Active social media accounts make up almost 29% of the population
    • and remember what I just said about social media apps?

Have a look at the full report here

It’s clear that businesses are missing out on marketing opportunities when they don’t cater for mobile… However do you believe that they can survive like this for much longer?

Let me know what you think in the comments below


12 thoughts on “The Mobile Movement

  1. I’m interested in what else can be done in the mobile space. How about your phone alerting you when you are within 2 blocks of a shop you have bought from, letting you know what is new in store, or what specials are on? Surely with locations switched on that would be possible…


  2. I hate when websites don’t cater to mobile friendly viewing! It makes it a lot harder to use their website on my phone if I have to zoom into everything myself – so in my books they’re already missing out on that basis.


  3. I think businesses definitely need to utilise the mobile platform for advertising as we are becoming increasingly addicted to our phones (I most definitely am anyway). I did a post today that supports your discussion, about how radio advertising is beginning to shift to mobile platforms eg spotify ads, as people are switching to listening to music on their phones rather than the radio! Great post, interesting facts that businesses need to be aware of to remain competitive!


  4. Definitely agree that mobile marketing is where the future is headed for advertisement, especially as mobiles become more and more versatile in what they can do. Therefore Im surprised that only one third of websites are mobile friendly, however it will be interesting to see what they can come up with!


    • Yeah I was surprised too ! The report was fairly recent as well.. But I guess there are literally SO many websites out there (and probably some pretty outdated ones) that a third kinda makes sense. Definitely keen to see future innovation in mobile marketing.


  5. Sometimes when I come across a website on my phone and they’re not mobile friendly, I’ll just close the window and forget about it unless im REALLY into what they’re offering. 9 times out of 10 i wont be though, and then they’ve lost me as a potential customer! I do make a lot of purchases on my phone too!


    • I agree, if you have to continuously scroll across, up, down, across to find what you’re looking for its not even worth the time – haha. Convenience is so important in the world we live in as we are all “time-poor”, so its definitely important to cater for those who are always on the go and need mobile compatibility!


  6. I agree, people are constantly on their phones these days and therefore mobile phones have become an essential and effective way of digital marketing and reaching consumers. More marketers need to consider reaching consumers via mobile phones


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