Content Marketing: Lorna Jane

Content marketing is an up-and-coming way of building a relationship with your customers. A well implemented strategy can establish trust and authority amongst the market and customers.

When a content strategy is implemented well, it intercepts the consumer behaviour cycle in between research and purchase. This then allows a brand to take control of what a consumer reads, sees and thinks about the brand or product.

It is important when content marketing to focus on telling a story rather than ‘selling’ a product.  Content marketing is designed to create awareness and advocacy for your brand while also creating and maintaining customer value.

Planning to create new and innovative content is the key to a successful content marketing strategy.

A great example of an Australian brand that has a strong content marketing strategy is Lorna Jane. Their philosophy of “Move Nourish Believe” is a key content driver for the brand.

‘Move Nourish Believe’ has its own website which acts as a content hub for the brand, featuring articles, recipes, lifestyle and motivation, beauty and skincare tips and profiles of the brands ‘active living advocates’.

The brand also uses multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest to build a strong community. The brand also has a free iPhone app that tracks activity via your phones GPS.

With a strong focus on social media and content marketing, Lorna Jane genuinely adds value to the lives of its customers through MNB – a strategy which seems to be paying off for the brand.

What brands have you guys come across that have a strong content marketing strategy? Do you feel that the content adds to your overall brand experience?


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