The joke’s on you!

Every year the amount of brands jumping on the social media April Fool’s bandwagon seems to grow and grow. Here are my top 5 of 2015’s finest April Fool’s moments:

1. “Qantas” adds the letter ‘U’ to its name
It makes sense really..


2. Midori launches a melon-flavoured beer; Mandori
Just incase you can’t read the image, it’s for “Men who love their melons”


3. ASOS man-bun:
Asos provides the answers men are looking for!

asos man buns
4. Sleepbit
(This one that I almost fell for… AdNews got me good)
“It uses sensors to capture vital signs and adopts elements of neuroscience to track users’ dream sequences. It can use the data to serve advertising based on dream content and subconscious triggers.”


5. The Big Vegemite!

My personal favourite.
Coming to Melbourne in 2016… not really, but they should definitely look into it.
The best part about this one is that Nine News Melbourne fell for the story and tweeted about it.



What a way to get the world talking about your brand! I loved scrolling through my feed today laughing at everyone’s comments and seeing the progression of “OMG” to “Wait a second, is this an April Fool’s joke?!”

I think that the more creative and almost-realistic they are in their pranks, brands are able to create a lot of value from these light-hearted posts in terms of brand awareness, recognition and recall. The posts today have all gained a lot of attention and a high level of engagement from the public, mostly from free advertising on social media platforms. The brands are the real winners today! And I was definitely a fool in some cases.

What do you think about brands taking part in April Fool’s pranks? And what pranks appeared in your social network feeds today?


14 thoughts on “The joke’s on you!

  1. We all love a laugh, and when companies can tap into that to create associations between their brand and the warm feeling we get from a good joke, it can only be a good thing!


  2. I think brands who took part in April Fools appeared to have more personality and be fun! It was great to go through my news feed and see how many people fell for April Fools pranks from brands. Flight Center had $199 tickets to London as a once of crazy price… when I saw the April Fools I thought was mean they had me so excited haha! But they definitely got me 🙂


    • I agree! I loved writing this post and deciding on my favourite pranks haha. I saw that from Flight Centre too! Imagine all the phone calls and enquiries that lead from that post!


    • Hahaha funny but a brilliant way to spark positive feelings about a brand….Richmond football club relased a fake statement that there best player had left the club which created heaps of attention… Again I think it’s about brands showing that human side.

      Really enjoying your posts 🙂


  3. I love the way brands get behind April Fools day and think it’s a great way to build great brand image and personality. Also just good for reminding everyone about your brand! The one that actually got me for a second was flight centres flights to London for $199, ridiculous that I believed it but I thought it was a good one! So many people would have visited their site today after seeing that post!


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