In Conversation with Roxy Jacenko

I seriously suffer from FOMO – Fear of Missing Out.

I especially suffer from FOMO when I know there is a great event coming up. So when I found out about Roxy’s ‘In Conversation’ workshop, there was no way I was lettng the distance from Melbourne to Sydney … or the fact that I had an exam the next day … stop me from attending!! No FOMO welcome here!

For anyone who isn’t aware, Roxy is the Founder and Director of Sydney-based public relations powerhouse ‘Sweaty Betty‘, and creative hub / talent agency ‘The Ministry of Talent‘. You may also know her for her appearance on the Celebrity Apprentice Australia, or for her books Strictly Confidential, The Rumour Mill and The Spotlight.

I have always found Roxy’s work to be highly inspiring as she always delivers awesome creative campaigns and events for her clients. Not to mention her go-getter work ethic! Her Instagram channels @roxyjacenko and @sweatybettypr are a great way to get you pumping for a working week!

‘In Conversation with Roxy Jacenko’ was held at the InterContinental in Double Bay. Amazing venue in a very cute little suburb. Seed Flora did a beautiful job of styling the venue with some seriously beautiful floral arrangements!!

Check it out


Instagram: @seedflora

But obviously the mega highlight was hearing from the PR Queen herself!

What I loved most was Roxy’s complete honesty!! She was completely open about how she built her business from the bottom up and how she has earned her success. She may not be a scholar but she is very savvy and knows how to hustle to get what she wants, and -more importantly- what her clients want.

3 of Roxy’s Key Tips & Tricks:

+ Be a sponge!! Extract something from every person that you meet; you never know where or who you will learn from.

+ Feel the marketplace.. to put together a plan of attack, rather than using a preconceived strategy.

+ Look beyond the pond that you play in! Probably my favourite tip of them all! Roxy seeks inspiration for her campaigns from overseas. If she looks to other PR agencies within Australia, the idea or concept is already dated. This is how Sweaty Betty maintains a high level of innovation within the Australian public relations industry. Roxy uses Instagram as one of her main research platforms, as well as international magazines.

Another point that Roxy made which really interests me is that the press release is dead… This is something that I have been thinking a lot about. So I want to pose the question to you! Do you believe that the press release is a dead PR tool? And why?

+ Check out for other photos from event attendees!


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